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Food Pickling Mod

Food is nice, food is pleasant. But while you're running round in circles with a persistent zombie grasping and vigorously chewing on your buttocks, the food tends to rot. Well now you can solve the food problem.


Frostmoure weapon added to the game.

Fur Clothes

Make warmer clothing from Rabbit / Squirrel furs.

Gumbo Blades Mod

Adds four new blades that spawn in the world.

Handmade Wooden Dowels - Realistic Nails Alternative

Realistic nails alternative

Homemade Bats

Craft bats and clubs from wood, glue, and tape. Great for pillaged multiplayer servers and extended survival runs where good weapons are in short supply.


Hydrocraft is a mod based around crafting and filling in the empty world of zomboid with more stuff.

Improvised Containers

Adds a multitude of different realistic, improvised bags and containers that can be crafted using easy to gather materials.

It's Hammer Time Mod

Adds eleven new hammers than spawn in the world, ranging from weak hammers to ass-whooping hammers.

Item Spawn Debugger

This will spawn all things that are possible to spawn inside containers. If your game goes crazy after the update, disable this mod.