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Craftable Weapons Mod

This mod adds various improvised weapons to the game, some of which can be crafted out of renewable materials allowing for more sustainability in the game.

Crafty Survivor Items

Crafty is an item mod designed to use stock items as resources for crafting new items.

Dynamo Flashlight

Adds a mechanical flashlight, also known as a squeezelight or dynamo torch. It's rechargable.

Energy Drinks

Adds Energy Drinks to the game, just for when your character needs that extra boost.

Evil Bats

Tired of using that old Nailed Bat? Then Evil Bats is the mod for you!

Fast Books

CHEAT MOD -- Skill books only have 1 page

Flatware Reinforced Bats Mod

Reinforce your bat using some nails with some spoons, forks and butter knifes.

Fletchery Mod

Have you ever wanted to kill zombies Darrel Dixon style? Now you will be able to!

Food Canning Mod

Can the crops you grow or other food to preserve it for later.

Food Expantion: Jerky

This Mod is discontinued and has been merged with the Community food Project. I will postt the new mod when i get back from vacation on December 16th