Chainsaw Mod by lulu58e2
  • by lulu58e2
  • 20. Apr 2014
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Chainsaw Mod 0.1

Adds a chainsaw as a weapon that takes out zombies and chops down trees quickly but takes gas and makes a lot of noise.

Chainsaws have a number of seconds of use in the name that changes as you have it equipped (idling). Also changes gas cans to have a number of seconds worth of gas in the name.

Doesn't work with the mod loader yet. Not tested in multi-player. 

For now in order to install this you'll need to know where to put Lua, sound and script files yourself.

Press the "insert" key to add a full chainsaw and full gas can.

Here's the code on github:

Here's a demo:


  • aricane

    Nice work. Great to see the work on github!

    Apr 20. 14
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