Unsolved Mysteries by BuckySaia
  • by BuckySaia
  • 26. Jun 2017
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Unsolved Mysteries 1.0

Start your own Unsolved Mysteries Exhibition.

Research the Mysteries around you.

Strange things happen every day. Learn how to make an exhibition.

Search the town for the Materials you need and Build the UFO´s Uncovered Exhibition or step into Bigfoots Footprints.


At least you can sell T-Shirts or Tickets


Add a few new Items

Add a new Weapon and Flashlight

Add a Venus Flytrap (you can feed it)


Most items are only for fun.


Textures by Cyrrent Eiledoll

Code by Cyrrent Eiledoll


Ask when you want to use the Textures for something other (Or take and show me the results).

If you want to change the Mod please Upload the changed Mod again so everyone can use the new Version.


Have Fun