Sharpened Stick by Aztib
  • by Aztib
  • 17. Nov 2016
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Sharpened Stick 1.1


This simple mod adds a sharpened stick which can be crafted from wood and used like any other knife, including the "Jaw Stab" attack. I made this because knives are my weapon of choice when I don't have an axe, and in some situations it can be difficult to find enough knives. So now you have the option to craft your own.

To install: Download and add the sharpstick.txt file to your own ProjectZomboid/media/scripts folder.

Crafting a sharpened stick requires one tree branch or sturdy stick, and a kitchen knife, hunting knife, or saw (the knife/saw is not consumed in the crafting process). The crafting option can also be found in the "Survivalist" menu. The sharpened stick functions identically to other knives except that it will break even faster than a butter knife - it is designed to be an inexpensive and easy weapon to make and therefore not very powerful. 


-changed sharpened stick weight to 0.1 from 0.3, to match default weight of sturdy stick
-removed saw noise while crafting, could be annoying when making in bulk