Littering by Svarog
  • by Svarog
  • 13. Mar 2015
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Littering 2.1

Compatibility:  Build 36-37

Some time ago I wondered what happens with all the items after our character is done eating\drinking\using, do the packs and cans vanish into thin air? I didn't like that idea so I made a mod that adds a ton of trash. Cigarette butts, empty packs of crisps, tin cans etc. Why? Because WHY NOT?

It's a pretty much useless mod that adds some... eh... realism?
Will you make it to the bin or will you litter all around?

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Version 0.7
- Added limited NecroForge support (Food items will appear in NecroForge menu)
- Trash items will now appear in the bins around the world!
- Trash items don't stack as much.
- Added new items Energy Drink (2 Variations) and Vodka

Version 0.8
- Added missing trash (Disinfectant, Alcohol Wipes, Peanut Butter etc.)
- Added Cola (Variation of Pop)
- Tweaked Distribution

Version 0.9
- Added some more trash (Duh...)
- Added Dish Soap item
- Pots and Bowls become dirty after use and need to be washed before being useful for more cooking.

Version 0.9a
- Washing dishes requires Dish Towel

Version 1.0
- Dishes can be scrubbed without Dish Soap at cost of more water and time
- Some trash can be used as camp fire fuel or for starting a fire
- You can find Empty Bottles, Plastic Bags, Nails, Rusty Knifes etc. by foraging

Version 1.0a
- Added Polish translation files [Thanks Geras]

Version 1.1
- Added Chewing Gum & 6 Various Candy Items [Icons by Batura]
- And corresponding trash
- Changed recipe code
- Take out 1 cigarette out of a pack instead of all of them

Version 1.1b
- The mod now comes with optional Add-Ons\Mutators for adding\disabling certain features.
- Details can be found in ReadMe located in Littering Mutators folder.

Version 1.2
- Nerfed candy items to only reduce unhappiness.
- Milk, Salt and Pepper leave trash items.

Version 1.3
- Added missing trash item for Vitamins
- Cigarettes now also reduce boredom at the cost of endurance

Version 1.4
- Added trash for Sugar, Glues, Paint, Gas Can, Flour, Adhesive Tape, Vinegar, Matches
- Added 13 flavors of Soda (Can be disabled with No Custom Edibles mutator)
- Tweaked distribution and weight of certain items

Version 1.4a
- Fixed some typos in the Polish translation.

Version 1.5
- Touched up some sprites
- Various other tweaks and minor changes
- No Custom Edibles will spawn in the world by Default - only trash
-- [Can be re-enabled with a mutator]

Version 1.6
- Cleaned up the Scripts
- Minor Edits and Bugfixes
- Added Mutators for Limited Hydrocraft Mod Support (Will Expand in the Future)

Version 1.6a
- You can now break glass bottles to get broken bottles and start barfights with zombies. Be careful not to cut yourself.

Version 1.7
- Fixes for IWBUMS Build 32 compatibility
- Removed some redundant items.
- Washing dishes now requires a Sponge instead of Dish Cloth
- Some new Broken Bottle icons (One for each different type of bottle)
- Download also contains version 1.6a for Build 31

Version 1.7a
- Updated Polish Translation
- Added Recipe: Make flies cure with 15 cigarette butts
- Download also contains version 1.6a for Build 31

Version 1.7b
- Bug Hotfix

Version 1.7c
- French Translation by Klare
- Empty Lighters
- Lighter Fluid (via Custom Edibles mutator)

Version 1.8
- Categorized Recipes for Crafting UI
- Use Cologne as a (crappy) Disinfectant
- Washing\Scrubbing Dishes can be done with Sponge, Dish Towel or Ripped Sheets
- I remember fixing something but forgot what it was.

Version 1.8a
- Fixed Translation Files Encoding

Version 1.8b
- Added Empty Extinguisher
- Some adjustments and minor fixes

Version 1.8c
- Added a Mutator for Compatibility with one of my other mods, PaintMod
- All Trash items now have a "Trash" category for sorting items.

Version 1.9
- Added Russian Translation by maks29051
- Some more trash items

Version 1.9b
- Added Spanish (Latin American) Translation by SIGILODARK

Version 1.9c
- Updated Spanish Translation
- Fixed a bug that caused trash to spawn when transferring some items between containers.

Version 2.0
- Build 34 Compatible

Version 2.1
- Build 36-37 Compatible