Carbonized Swedish Fork Knife Mod by kinyoshi
  • by kinyoshi
  • 10. Aug 2013
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Carbonized Swedish Fork Knife Mod 1.0

These ergonomically designed Swedish kitchen knives feature stainless steel blades and provide good balance that gives the arm, wrist and hand a neutral and relaxed working position. The design increases leverage in cutting, utilizing the power of the whole arm and conserving energy, thus making it easier to use for those with a weak grasp and/or reduced hand strength.

The Swedish Fork Knife is multipurpose knife with a two prong fork-like tip and a serration on half the blade. Few blades can cut through the thin skin of tomatoes as the 4.5 inch long blade of the Fork Knife. Excellent for food preparation and dining. Weighs 3 3/8 oz.

The stats are my interpretation of the knife, trying to be realistic (at least in my opinion).
Spawns rarely considering how much damage it can do.


  • Hiei

    hello I can not make the mod work on Project Zomboid

    Aug 30. 14
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