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  • 6. Aug 2014
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Cannning Essentials 0.8

I play games like Project Zomboid because I like the semi-realistic scenario and challenges to survive. No other mod has given me the realism I've wanted when it comes to food preservation and most specifically, canning. Ultimately, for a game that strikes to immerse the player into the game world, canning food for prolonged preservation shouldn't be as easy as simply putting food in a jar and sealing it. So I decided to make this mod to enhance my own gameplay and that of those that seek more realism from food preservation.

This mod adds new mechanisms so that survival still remains challenging and food preservation doesn't become a thought of the past. The implementation of everything you can can is based off real life canning. Each canning option closely resembles how that food item would be canned in real life; skipping a few steps and/or details here and there to keep things fun and not overly complicated.

read official post for more info:

* Keep in mind this is a WIP, Work In Progress. 

* Tested on Build 30.16


Testing: if you'd like to see how the mod works without having to collect everything and test it out; press the 'HOME' key to enable the testing feature, instructions will appear in your console that runs along with Project Zomboid. Press the 'END' key if the instructions don't show up after pressing the 'home' key. Keep in mind each time you spawn a set of items for testing the testing feature is disabled. This is as to avoid having you accidentally spawn items without wanting to do so.



- disabled the default canning feature that was recently implemented in the game (build 29 I believe?). i.e. the code I've added should stop the EmptyJar item from spawning in your game. Which is the core item to use any of the canning options that were implemented by the devs. So now you get to either go with the simplified version of canning that the devs have implemented or install this mod. Most of the canning options the game offered have now been integrated in this mod and those that are not will soon be making their way in along with many more options, so enjoy.
- added pickling; the easiest of all canning methods, heat the brine (salt, vinegar and water) then pour on jar with vegetables and seal, done. Begins to spoil after a week though. The only downside is that since they're not fermented and aren't water processed it requires a strong brine to last longer. Therefore its very salty and acidic, making you want a cup of water after you done eating a jar of this stuff.
- added pickled bell pepper as a canning option.
- added pickled raddish as a canning option.
- added pickled carrots as a canning option.
- added pickled leek as a canning option.
- added pickled cabbage as a canning option.
- added pickled brocolli as a canning option.
- added pickles (pickled cucumbers) as a canning option.
- edited the base pickles food item that was already in-game to display as "cucumbers" and act more as any other food item that can expire and rot.
- Fixed rodent, bird, fish, and rabbit canning options not requiring water.
- rebalanced canned food bonuses, penalties, and hunger reduction. Now not all canning options are truly not the same.
- rebalanced weights of all mod items to go along more with similar in-game item weights. Generally speaking, all mod items now weight much less.

This version is just a long overdue content update.
- added pressure canning method, gives food a preservation of 60 days. Works the same way as water bath canning, if anything less steps and its faster.
- added medium rodent (squirrel and rat) meat canning - pressure canning method only.
- added small rodent (mouse) meat canning - pressure canning method only.
- added bird meat canning - pressure canning method only.
- added fish canning, this covers all types of fish except bait fish. I might possibly make this more specific in the future such as canning each type of fish. - pressure canning method only.
- added rabbit meat canning - pressure canning method only.
- added boxes of "quart jars (x4)" and "pint jars (x6)", you can find these where you would expect them, kitchen, garages, stores...etc. You can open the box and take out the jars or you can use the box directly when jarring. You can also now box your jars for a small weight reduction.
- modified item spawn rates for individual jars and boxes of lids to make them a tad bit more difficult to find now that boxes of jars will be streaming in and that the vanilla game now has jar lids.
- changed name of "box of jar lids" to "jar lids (x6)" and "jar lids (x12)" accordingly.
- removed mod's vinegar item, in the future the mod will just use the game's.
- removed jar ring, now you just need a lid to jar.
- removed mod's jar lid item, mod now uses the game's jar lids along with the mod's box of lids.
- changed name of "open jar of strawberry jam" to just "strawberry jam".

this version was mostly a lot of background stuff once again. Not much content here in terms of canning options. On the other hand though now the mod's core is more solid.
- reduced preservation span of food through water bath method from 3 months to 1 month. The preservation obtained through the open kettle method has also been reduced from 3 weeks to 2 weeks.
- The chance of failure from the open kettle method has been removed for the time being.
- new aging system. Decided to make my own aging system instead of using the game's aging system for food as I needed to apply it to normal items as well. Check below as to why this is.
- made sealed jarred food normal items instead of food items. There seemed to be some confusion as to whether or not you needed to open sealed jarred food to eat it since the eat option was there for sealed jarred food. That was because food items having age whereas normal items don't. The confusion along with the fact you were getting cooking exp for opening a jar got me on the path of making an algorithm and the proper modifications to allow select normal items to have age. Even better this new implementation allowed me to give jarred food a preservation property instead of just letting it age for a long period of time and having to place code in to keep track of that. Now with the new preservation property is more like putting food in a fridge in-game before the electricity runs out.
- disabled the exp control system. Originally implemented so you wouldn't get any cooking exp with this mod. Didn't want it affecting your cooking skill until the mod was actually binded to your cooking skill. But it seems it causes an unacceptable bug when cooking books are used. Haven't found a solution and its delaying this version too much since this version was basically ready for release but I held it back to look into this bug.
- jar lids are now non-reusable. But their spawn rates have been increased so they should now be more abudant.
- added a jar lids box of two sizes, 6 and 12 (both have the same icon and name but one weights more than the other). You can box your lids for a slight weight reduction bonus. You don't have to unbox the jar lids to use them. The box itself can be used directly when jarring. But if you want to unbox them, you can.
- changed opened jars of strawberry jam to say 'Open Jar Of Strawberry Jam' instead of 'Strawberry Jam*' to be more clear. Keep in mind that the icon also changes to show the jar without a lid once you open it.
- Jarred food will now lose some nutrional value if prepared through the Open Kettle Method. This as to simulate the fact that you somewhat overcook the food through this method. This, along with the higher chance of failure (in comparison to the other two methods) would be the downside to the open kettle method. The upside being that it offers a quick solution to preserve your food.
- Jarred food will now lose some nutrional value if processed through the water bath method (or pressure method) more than once. This as to simulate the fact that you somewhat overcook the food by processing it more than once.The penalty occurs until the jar only gives -5 hunger reduction. Therefore you can no longer preserve the same jar of food indefinitely, without some sort of negative effect.
- testing feature made more robust; press 'HOME' key to get instructions for further use, they'll display in the console/terminal. press 'END' key whenever you need to bring up the instructions again. Thanks for anyone trying this mod out! :D
- fixed a bug where you were also able to inspect opened jars of strawberry jam. Though technically not a bug, it wasn't part of my design to inspect open jars. An Open jar of food is just like an open can of food; it'll stay fresh for about 2 days. The inspection feature was more of a bundle of how you would check for a proper, tight, vacuum seal in real life and look for odd discolorations in the food (spoilage).
- removed the need for you to wait for item to cool down after removing it from heat source. Though the requisite was realistic, it was more of a nuiance than anything else.
- fixed bug where Pressure Cooker with water was returning a pot instead of a pressure cooker when depleted.
- fixed a bug where (aside from the sealed strawberry jam) you would get 2 cooking pots or kettles when jarring strawberry mush; now you just get one back as you were initially supposed to.
- updated inspect option on jarred items; previously if you successfully jarred a food item using the open kettle method and inspect it right away it would tell you the item was 68 days old. If you were unsuccessful on either the OKM or WBM then it would say 88. And if you used an item that had begun to rot it would say something over 90. This is all because the days fresh parameter for sealed jars of food is 90 days. So hopefully you get the math in there. Now it actually tells you how old the jarred item is, from the day it was created.
- fixed bug where eating 1/2 or 1/4 of an open jar of food wouldn't reduce the remaining hunger reduction.

- There was a small tiny syntax error in the lua code that broke down the whole mod, items spawned but you couldn't do anything with them. I had forgotten to comment a link I had put to this forum post *facepalm*. I should have re-tested mod before posting. Anyways, this little quick fix version is just that, to make this mod actually playable. Now you can actually try out the mod :D

- The entire mod was re-worked for this version. This lays the foundation for further development of the mod. Includes the bulk (background/functionality scripting/code) of the mod. Now I can focus on implementing more canning options.
- added Jar Food Inspection. Currently it more or so actually tells you the age. On future versions this will be worked on to be more of hint to how old the item is. Maybe implementing something along the lines of a label. You'll get better at it as your cooking skill improves.
- added open kettle method (chance of jar not sealing properly).
- added water bath method (vacumn sealing jars of food). Currently there is no limit to how many times you can use this method on the same jar of food (i.e. you can preserve a jar of food indefinitely by re-using this method). Eventually though, this method will have a risk of failure like the open kettle method, which decreases with your cooking skill.
- opening a sealed jar unlocks its bonuses like unhappiness and boredom reductions and returns the used lid and ring. Don't eat a seal jar, I couldn't find another way to display hunger reduction without making that item a food item. If you eat it, you won't get back your ring and lid or bonuses. And on top of that you're very likely to get sick (consider it as you being uncivil and just eating the whole thing, glass and all :D). So make sure you open it!! This goes as well for the Water Bath Canner (you'll lose the canning rack if you eat it, should have probably added the property where it makes you sick or kills you, you're eating metal!).
- implemented basic code to control cooking exp gained. Currently you only get exp from preparing the food you're going to can and from vacumn sealing jars of food. Further down the line exp will most likely only be gained when successfully sealing a jar and just a bit when failing. This lays the foundation for later on binding canning to your cooking skill.
- implemented all items that need spawning for this mod. All canning options that will be added to this mod have been planned out (designed) so further updates to the mod won't require new items to spawn (tried my best to make sure all items I'll need in the future are there so hopefully this stays true).
- removed canning radish (needs to be revised for new systems).
- removed canning tomatoes (needs to be revised for new systems).
- added canning strawberries (strawberry jam).
- removed jarred food distribution (spawning). Jars of Food won't be spawned, so the only way to get them is to make them :D

- option to can radish implemented

- prototype of the mod release
- option to can tomatoes implemented


  • KhornateSlayer

    Can you, can fish or fish fillets? If not be a good idea to add that.

    Aug 29. 14
    • Deadend

      Not yet. But I plan on adding the ability to can meat from trapping and fish from fishing once I finish ironing out the core features of the mod along with the main canning options you'd expect from farming.

      Aug 29. 14
  • Deadend

    Next week I'll be picking up the project again and start working on the next update which should include several more canning options and compatbility with the latest version ofc.

    Dec 3. 14
  • RobearM3

    Build 30?

    Dec 3. 14
  • Bignasty5248

    if you can meats and fish etc i uually preserve my deer meat i hunt in real life with a sealer. that vacuum seals my food

    Nov 14. 14
  • Bignasty5248

    Doesn't work for build 29???

    Nov 15. 14
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