Craftable Molotov Cocktails by Giulianosse
  • by Giulianosse
  • 27. Aug 2014
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Craftable Molotov Cocktails 1.0

Craftable Molotov Cocktails

by Giulianosse


Molotov cocktails is a craftable weapon that was disabled in Build 26 for unknown reasons. This little mod simply re-adds the previously disabled recipe.

In order to craft one, you'll need a gas can, empty whiskey bottle and a bandage. Equip the molotov in your primary slot and a lighter in the secondary slot.

Works with Build 27 and the current Build 28 "IWBUMS" branch




I'm simply re-adding the removed recipe. The molotov item is still acquirable in the game via server commands or item spawners, however, since Build 26 you can't craft them anymore. This mod simply re-adds the recipe needed to craft it.

I've made this "mod" for personal use, but I decided to upload it in case anyone else was also interested in it. 

I've no idea why the developers disabled it in the first place (save corruption, bugs), so creating a backup of your save before installing this mod is highly encouraged. I am not held responsible for anything bad that happens to your game. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!