Another raincoat mod by NewReasonz
  • by NewReasonz
  • 15. Aug 2015
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Another raincoat mod 1.1

This is my first Mod i ever made, but i put very much effort and love in it.
Please share bugs you found, your opinion and wishes for the next updates.

Your current wetness status wont increase or decrease if you wear the raincoat while it´s raining. 

You can craft the raincoat or you can find one, you can find the crafting recipe in the ReadMe.txt

Tiny_AVC-support: Tiny_AVC is an awesome mod from blindcoder that allows you to see the latest mod version of this mod in the mod screen(ingame)! Just google this mod and download it! (Tiny_VAC maybe says that the mod is based on another pz version, but iam sure that it will work with the most versions too!)

Installation guide is in the ReadMe.txt

Read the ReadMe.txt for more information!



Programmer: NewReasonz

Artist:            NewReasonz

Thanks to the whole PZ community who helped me to start with modding! 

Special thanks to Brybry wo helped me A LOT with the condition script




Version: 1.1
-You need extra ductape to craft a Homemade Raincoat
-Longer crafting time
-More spawnlocations
-Reduced spawn chance
-Addet a Raincoat trait(You will spawn with a Raincoat)
-The Homemade Raincoat got a condition
-Tiny_AVC-Support(Tiny Automated Version Checker)
-Little easter egg

Version: 1.0