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Additional Skill Books Mod

This mod adds a few extra skill books to the world for players to find and use to increase the speed of their learning!

Additional Skill Books Mod 2 v1.0

An update to Pravus's Additional Skill Books Mod 1.3. I didn't write this mod, I just modified his original version to get it to work with Build 32, and added a few new books.

Another Not Enough Bags Mod

Adds more bag!!

Another raincoat mod

It´s another raincoat mod that will allow you to work outside while it´s raining!


A mod that adds 7 new guns, 1 new melee, ammo types for all new guns, marijuana(marijuana+rolling papers=Joints), Cocaine, as well as 2 new recipes, roll joints with marijuana and rolling papers, craft nails from door knobs or hinges

Cannning Essentials

Are you a Survivalist? Do you wish there was a way to preserve farmed produce once electricity is out? Do you wish that it would be challenging, realistic, comprehensive, and rewarding? Then look no further!

Carbonized Swedish Fork Knife Mod

Adds one Sweed little knife I tell you what.

Chainsaw Mod

Adds a chainsaw as a weapon that takes out zombies and chops down trees quickly but takes gas and makes a lot of noise.

Craftable and sharpen axes

123123123 asdasdasdad

Craftable Molotov Cocktails

Re-adds the previously disabled molotov cocktail crafting recipe.