UnlimitedTraits by 7Roses
  • by 7Roses
  • 3. Aug 2013
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UnlimitedTraits 0.1.0

as there was a havy discussion on the suggestions forum (theindiestone forums) I decided to make a mod for those who wanted an unlimited traits option.

this mod does not only give you 99 trait points it also gives you a profession that adds all known profession bound traits to a cheater profession.




- first draft, adds 1 trait with -99 point

- adds a profession with all traits marked to be profession only.


older versions:

- there are no older versions


  • aricane

    I think it's a great option. If not just for cheating this can be used for testing things, mods and other game mechanics

    Aug 3. 13
    • 7Roses

      well the inspiration was because some people want to cheat, but I actually made it so mod authors could use it for testing.

      Aug 16. 13
      • aricane

        Yeah, and if that's what they like, why deny them that :)

        Aug 17. 13
  • mawldubble

    Did the superpowers mod get updated? I'm gonna have a nerdgasm

    Jun 10. 14
  • aricane

    This mod is rather old. Check out some of the other cheat mods under the gameplay section. I think Mind mod or superpowers does the same as this one.

    Jun 10. 14
  • Postaliwe

    me too

    Jun 10. 14
  • aricane


    Jun 11. 14
  • pspare

    Can't get this mod to work.

    Mar 17. 14
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