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  • by whomightub3
  • 5. May 2014
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Points to spend 1.1 2.6

Right click on "Project Zomboid" in your Steam Library.

Go down to "Properties" and click. This will bring up your "Properties" window.

Click on the "Local Files" tab, then on "Browse Local Files". This will bring up your Project Zomboid Steam Local Files.

Click on the "Media", then "lua", "client", then "OptionScreen" files.

lua files can be read by most text readers, i prefer Word Pad myself. Right click on an lua file, go to properties change "Opens with:" to your prefered text reader. Now all lua files will be readable with your text reader.

Double click on "CharacterCreationProfession". Now you are in a game file, either remember what you changed, or better save the original file before you edit it.

On the 48th line of text you will find the line:

    self.pointToSpend = 0;

change to

    self.pointToSpend = 48;

this should be enough to get all the Traits as of build 26.

Save file, start game, and enjoy. (or reload saved file if it did nothing)

There's nothing like doing it yourself...

p.s.... the "Download now" button over there still does nothing. there is still nothing to download.


  • charlesdads

    why wont it let me download anything?

    Jun 18. 14
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