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  • 14. Nov 2013
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Points to spend 1.0

Right click on "Project Zomboid" in your Steam Library.

Go down to "Properties" and click. This will bring up your "Properties" window.

Click on the "Local Files" tab, then on "Browse Local Files". This will bring up your Project Zomboid Steam Local Files.

Click on the "Media", then "lua", then "OptionScreen" files.

lua files can be read by most text readers, i prefer Word Pad myself. Right click on an lua file, go to properties change "Opens with:" to your prefered text reader. Now all lua files will be readable with your text reader.

Double click on "CharacterCreationProfession". Now you are in a game file, either remember what you changed, or better save the original file before you edit it.

On the 48th line of text you will find the line:

    self.pointToSpend = 0;

change to

    self.pointToSpend = 44;

this should be enough to get all the Traits as of

Save file, start game, and enjoy. (or reload saved file if it did nothing)

There's nothing like doing it yourself...

p.s.... the "Download now" button over there does nothing. there is nothing to download.


  • doomslayermax

    It 48 points now 12/8/2014

    Dec 8. 14
  • LuigiLobster

    I am on mac and when i go to 'Browse Local Files' it shows up with only the Project Zomboid.app . Is there something i'm doing wrong?

    Jul 6. 14
    • bcrthe1st

      yeah your problem is you're using a mac.
      get a real computer.
      seriously sell that overpriced piece of sh!t and for the money you will get you can build a pc that could potentially one day become sentient and become skynet.

      what i mean by this is mac's are overpriced and not very powerful. for that 2k you dropped on your iMac (or wtvs) you could have built a pc with 2 extremely powerful graphics cards 8 processors and something ridiculous like a 28 inch hi-def monitor.
      sorry for not being any help with your actual problem, I don't know what the answer is.
      but i saw the word mac and felt it would be in your best interest to tell you that word equates to "inferior" in the tech world.

      Jul 16. 14
  • cocoman11111

    So bought it for my Mac, but I can't seem to find this file, absolutely nowhere to find.

    Does anyone know anything to do about this?

    EDIT: Nevermind, managed to find it.

    Jun 29. 14
  • TyrantAT

    I also currently play using a Mac. I don't have a problem making this work. On steam right click Project Zomboid in your library. Select Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files... Now a Finder window should have opened up showing a ProjectZomboid Folder for Steam with a Project Zomboid.app inside it. Right click Project Zomboid.app and select Show Package Contents. Now that you are in the file structure for the game Follow this path: Contents/Java/Media/Lua/Client/OptionScreens/CharacterCreationProfession.lua Open this file with TextEdit (or similar application) . Press Command F and type in "self.pointToSpend" without the parenthesis of course. The first entry should be what you are looking for. It should look like this:

    self.pointToSpend = 0;

    Change the 0 to whatever number of trait points you want to have and Save. If you change your mind or want to play multiplayer than you have to do the same process and change the number back to 0. Hope this helps.

    Oct 3. 14
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