Cheaterman by Svarog
  • by Svarog
  • 16. Apr 2015
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Cheaterman 1.3a

Compatibility: Build 32

Adds 3 traits to the game, one adds 1000 poinst to spend at character creation screen, the second does that and adds massive skill bonuses to all skills and the third simply has all skills maxed out.

Inspired by Wveth

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As of version 1.2 it adds some cheat items that can be spawned via NecroForge

  • Cheat Food - Restores all stats to max
  • Cheat Bottle - A very long lasting source of water
  • Cheat Bag - 10000 Storage Capacity
  • Cheat Weapon - Kills everything in sight


Version 1.1
- Redesigned the mod to add two Traits instead of a profession so you can still get whatever profession you want + all traits you want.

Version 1.2
- Added some Cheat items that can be spawned via NecroForge, Cheat Food, Bottle, Weapon and Bag

Version 1.3
- Compatible with Build 32
- Added new trait Cheater++ with maxed skills