Action Hero Updated by Deadpoodle
  • by Deadpoodle
  • 8. Sep 2013
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Action Hero Updated 1.1

Just a small mod I threw together this morning to make things a little more.... hilarious?
First up is the Action Hero profession which achieves the same effect as editing the pointsToSpend, giving you all of the positive traits, but also the profession-specific traits of all the classes. Cheating? Sure, but from using it I've found that having all of them really doesn't make that much of a difference when facing off against a massive horde or being caught overloaded in the rain. Can't say the same for when NPCs are put back in though.
Next I made some changes to the name generation code, inspired by MST3k -
Yes, now you too can run around as Stump Chunkman, Punch Sideiron, or even Punch Chunkman, depending on which combination of names it chooses!

To install this, just drop the media folder in the zip over the one in your Project Zomboid folder and allow it to overwrite. Pretty sure whatever updates get made to the game will break it, but all that needs to be changed is the name generation and a small addition to the default spawn locations to get it working again.
So yeah, go put your faith in Blast Hardcheese!


Now packaged to suit the mods folder in PZ!

(PS - I killed the link in the previous post for this mod as it was redundant. Maybe you could make the other post point here now?)


Added some action movie one liners.
Added some entertainment while chopping trees.
Fixed profession image/thumbnail display.
Works with latest Steam version - 30.16


  • kronickrip

    Dude this is great! I absolutely love MST3K and I am a regular watcher of Rifftrax. It's rare to hear it mentioned. So for that I love you and it. Good job!

    Jan 23. 15
    • Deadpoodle

      Ha! Thanks for that dude. I actually have an updated version with a little more insanity.

      Jan 23. 15
  • meathead

    doesn't work for zomboid version 31.1

    Mar 27. 15
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