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Action Hero Updated

You like MST3K. You like Zombies. You like having an unfair advantage in survival horror games. Maybe you just like silly names and want to spice things up a bit. Either way, this should do the job.


Adds 3 traits to the game, one adds 1000 poinst to spend at character creation screen, the second does that and adds massive skill bonuses to all skills and the third simply has all skills maxed out.

Infinite Trait Points

This mod gives you infinite trait points in the character creation screen.

New Profession Icons

Replaces the vanilla profession icons with custom ones made by nasKo.

Points to spend

Add points to spend.

Points to spend 1.1

Add points to spend, as of build 26

Profession Clothing

Custom Profession Clothing by RoboMat, changes the way in which the game loads colours for the professions. Allows modders to easily insert custom professions to the game.

Teenager profession

more info:

Trait ReActivator

ReEnables traits like Light\Heavy Drinker, Short Tempered etc that were disabled in Build 31. Also makes profession specific traits available for all characters.


always wanted all those traits of all the professions? or wanted the positive traits without the negative one? well for mod-testers, pz tester or just for cheaters now you can