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Loading Screen

Loading Screen for ProjectZomboid Install: 1. copy the 3 file to the game directory, where the ProjectZomboid...exe is ( not the mods folder ) 2. install ImageMagick from: 3. run the game with one of the new bat files You have t

Mod Utilities

I wanted to introduce you to my mod-utility file, which I have distributed with all my mods recently.

Molotov Classic Recipe

Create Molotovs using the old crafting recipe Gas Can + Empty Bottle + Ripped Sheet


Modding utility and or debug tool


NecroForge is an Item Spawner & Debug utility

No Launcher No Music

Save/QuickSave/Load No Launcher, no warning


Simple mod that will give each profession its own starting items.


A small tool that allows you to change the options that you chose when starting your sandbox game.

Silent Music

Silences the complete ingame music of Project Zomboid.

Solid Snake (Metal Gear) Skin

This is my poor attempt to make a Solid Snake skin for my character! I like it :)