Erosion - Nature takes over. by TurboTuTone
  • by TurboTuTone
  • 13. May 2014
  • 5/5 points (3 votes)
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Erosion - Nature takes over. 0.2


MP is in progress.

NOTE: the download on pz-mods is most recent steam compatible version. check forum if you run older builds.

The mod is functioning, but unfinished, meaning more stuff will be added.

You can read more about the features and development progress here:


- 2014-06-17: updated link for build 27 (for older versions see forum)
- updated pz-mods link to most recent steam build, check the forum post for more info.


  • tommysticks

    Sorry, been really busy, check your pms!

    Jul 2. 14
  • lostsoul99


    Jul 19. 14
  • Viceroy

    Yay for erosion on pz-mods :D

    Jun 7. 14
  • tommysticks

    This mod is awesome.

    How are you editing the .class files?

    Jun 15. 14
  • stayxstoned

    determination and magic..... i would assume

    Jun 15. 14
  • TurboTuTone

    updated link for b27, also seemed the link for b26 didnt work properly, should be fixed now

    Jun 17. 14
  • TurboTuTone

    actually rolled into that process over time with some hints and tips from people here and there..
    if youre really interested tho, drop me a pm on forum.

    Jun 17. 14
  • TurboTuTone

    Just tried it, odd cause it works fine here...

    Do you have something that disables javascript or such?

    Jun 27. 14
  • TotalyTurtles

    Can anyone help me? The Build 27 Media Fire download is not working. It just doesn't download for me.

    Jun 27. 14
  • aricane

    Nice too see your mod here Turbo ^^

    May 13. 14
    • TurboTuTone

      yea, was planning to submit here for a while, however the last version of erosion was way to unstable :p

      Also, just updated link to most recent steam build here.

      Jun 3. 14
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