Coordinate Viewer 0.8.0 by UnfoundedBros
  • by UnfoundedBros
  • 11. Apr 2015
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Coordinate Viewer 0.8.0 0.8.0

Modified RoboMat's Coordinate Viewer to save coordinates as "waypoints."

  • The mod can de/activated with the 'P'-Key.
  • The "vertical bar or backslash" key creates waypoints.
  • The backspace key deletes them.
  • "{" and "}" cycle back and forwards (I think left and right) respectively.
  • Unlimited number of waypoints should be possible, but it's probably not desirable.

The mod still "dumps tile info of clicked tiles to console."

But does not show mouse coordinates, this is just commented out.

Coordinates are persistent across a player's life. Death currently erases the saved coordinates, it might be possible to make them persistent across death but didn't test this. See line 120.

The reason for Waypoint: "Waypoint4" originally I intended to let the user rename waypoints with '/rewp "NewWaypointName" ' the code I wrote for this feature is commented out. It seems the function I started with over-rides default command behavior and I have no desire to spend the time to implement naming waypoints.

Credit goes to RoboMat for the original Coordinate Viewer.

 Wow I am unable to change the name from "Coordinate Viewer 0.8.0" to something like "Coordinate Viewer_"  which is why the title is "Coordinate Viewer 0.8.0 0.8.0" oh well.