Coordinate Viewer by RoboMat
  • by RoboMat
  • 7. Aug 2013
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Coordinate Viewer 0.7.2

This little utility mod will show the coordinates of the player on screen. It can be de/actiaved with the 'P'-Key.


- Dumps tile info of clicked tiles to console
- Shows mouse coordinates

- Shows current room-tile definition.
- Rounding should be precise now.

- Now shows both absolute and relative coordinates.


  • efesel

    i'm using build 25, ( but it's not working on me,i tried 32-bit launcher,64-bit launcher,it's just still not working.

    Apr 12. 14
  • galbar

    Hi RoboMat !

    Well done for your job and the others I discover all just there so I will test it.

    If I can say something this mod were more funny if we need to find a GPS to have our coordinate, and of course batery are needed, this can be not necessary a car GPS but a little GPS like on BOAT just with coordinate like your mod ;)

    Jan 17. 14
  • jinjan

    at the risk of necro-posting, here is the solution if you're running a recent Windows:
    1) dl above file
    2) extract to mods folder in C:\users\[your username]\zomboid\mods
    3) navigate to C:\Users\[your username]\Zomboid\mods\RMCoordinateViewer\media\lua
    4) create folder called "client"
    5) move CoordinateViewer.lua (from previously extracted file) to newly created folder
    6) start game and enable mod
    7) press "p" to enable/disable display of coordniates

    Jan 22. 15
  • RoboMat

    Probably not by me, but it is totally open source / free for all so someone could update it. You could ask around on the official forums if someone wants to do it ;)

    May 15. 14
  • 1streaper

    will this be getting an update for usage on Build 26(Stable Version)

    May 15. 14
  • mawldubble1

    That actually sounds like an awesome mod. A big dark flaming hole in the middle of the map with demons or at least some kind of super zombie coming out of it. Lol. Wish i could mod . . .

    May 16. 14
  • 1streaper

    i'd give it a go myself... but know how HORRIBLE! i am at modding :P,,,
    if i tried it i'd prob put a hole in the world XD

    May 16. 14
  • shane

    how do i download it and make it work im new to this modding but i need this mod to help me plz

    Nov 22. 14
  • RoboMat

    The mod hasn't been updated in a long time. You can go to the official forums and check if someone has updated the mod (it is open source basically and people can do whatever they want with the code).

    Nov 27. 14
  • Medusa

    Will this work for the Steam version (.17) ?

    Sep 9. 13
    • RoboMat

      I just updated it to work with

      Sep 9. 13
      • Southern

        I have the mod in the mod list but when i press "p" it doesn't work, solutions?

        Nov 27. 14
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