Canned Food Fix by Svarog
  • by Svarog
  • 16. Apr 2015
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Canned Food Fix 1.0a

Compatibility: Build 31 & Build 32

Food Rarity setting never seemed to apply to Canned Goods, Misc Rarity did, and so those who wanted to play with low food but high amount of trash, clothes, tools etc. ended up with a stockpile of canned goods. This tiny mod fixes that problem.

Warning: Load when starting a new game, don't use with your current saves, they WILL break! The game doesn't seem to like when item categories are changed from save to save very much and that's what this mod does.

Other Mod Compatibility
Problems may occur if used with mods that alter Canned Food scripts in any way. Should not be too serious though.

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