BreakingDead by Cyrrent Eiledoll
  • by Cyrrent Eiledoll
  • 31. Aug 2015
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BreakingDead 0.1.1

 Walther White meets the walking Dead. Play Braking Bad in Zomboid.

Add an simple Upgrade System for Buildings.  

Recipes must be Research.

Tons of new Items and Weapons, realistic Recipes.

New Explosives (drop the Ammonalbomb and RUN!). Make Thermit or Chlorgas.

You can Craft Heavy Weapons like the Flamethrower, the Rocketlauncher or the Microwave Cannon.

Make Homemade Meth in the small Lab and research Blue Meth and the Big Lab.

A little bit Sci Fi ... Research the Zombies and craft Items like Nightvision Injection or Steroids. Learn to make Food from Zombies.


Use some Hydrocraft Textures and Scripts.

Thank you Hydrocraft. No BreakingDead without inspiration from Hydrocraft. (Sorry but i need the textures and scripts)

 P.S. Test Version ... some Bugs may be possible.





Mod now own by HC Team.

Thank you for your attention.

Fix some Recipes
Fix ChargingUnit (now you can read the Book and build one)
Add new Metalworking Recipes (Make SheetMetal, Make Pipe, Make Beam, Make Kitchenstuff)
Add new Books (Tales of a Steelworker, 4 x Metalworking Monthly)
Replace some Textures
Fix some Problems with Dissect and Odd Eyeball
Fix OddFood (Dough to Bread)