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Walther White meets the walking Dead? New Items, "Buildings" and Recipes. Make your own Homemade or Blue Meth or scavange Metal on the Junkyard or in the City with the Metaldetector or research the Deadheads. At least, now you can eat the Zeds.

Canned Food Fix

A small fix that makes Sandbox Food Rarity setting apply to Canned Foods of all kind.

Cheat Core

A flexible core for modders, with things such as a toggle handler, a set time function, and all of the features of Cheat Menu in general.

Coordinate Viewer

This little utility mod will show the coordinates of the player on screen. It can be de/actiaved with the 'P'-Key.

Coordinate Viewer 0.8.0

Modified RoboMat's Coordinate Viewer to save coordinates as "waypoints." The mod can de/activated with the 'P'-Key. The "vertical bar or backslash" key creates waypoints. The backspace key deletes them. "{" and "}" cycles through the waypoints.

Dead Overhaul

This is a mod that contains various mods from different authors including my own. You might call it a mod compilation or a modpack.

Debug Display

Displays information used for debugging on the side of the screen. Used Robomat's coordinate viewer to facilitate this

Erosion - Nature takes over.

The mod lets the map deteriorate by slowly adding more natural objects that have stages of growth, adding cracks to roads and buildings and letting vines swallow parts of the building. Additionally a seasonal system is included.

Female Skin Replacer

Change vanilla female skin with a better one. Changes underwear color, eyes position and ...

Iron Man and Dead Pool Skins

Just some skins