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  • by Spyder638
  • 30. Jul 2013
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zSpawn 0.1

Hello. As many of you already know I've been turning what was before just a weapon spawning mod into a full item spawning mod. It's currently in a state to release, which is why it's in the completed mods section, however it is very much still a work in progress. The mod makes use of the brand new UI system available in 2.9, and because of this, it does not feel out of place, and it'll be out of your way when you don't need it.


Known Issues:

- "Sticky tabs". When clicking on a tab it'll act as if being dragged. Just click again to drop the tab to switch to it.
- Enough space for another row of items in each tab.
- Some button labels are too big.

To-Do & Hopefully future features

- Find out what causes the "sticky tabs" issue and fix it.
- Make it so button names don't need to be a specific name so I can fix the button labels. Easy to do, expect soon.
- Adjust the layout of the buttons and how many are on a tab to minimize wasted space.
- Have another stab at getting scroll bars in there so tabs can be neater.
- Optional version of the mod where it'll only be enabled in Sandbox to prevent any cheating temptation in survival.
- Ability to spawn items straight into the selected backpack in the inventory panel, so you don't need to pack stuff as often.
- [?]Ability to spawn zombies.
- [?]Ability to spawn NPC's when the feature arrives.

How to use and Installation
Install, jump in a game, the window will pop up. Push the buttons to spawn items. If you close the window you can press numpad enter to make the window re-appear.

- Download at the link below.
- Open the .rar file in an application like Winrar.
- Drop the zSpawn folder in the Project Zomboid/media/lua directory.
- Have fun! :)




  • Svarog

    My reply didn't save/appear. To those wanting an update to this, there is one, it's called NecroForge, created by ExcentriCreation and Zedhead a long time ago. I keep it up to date. You can get it on this site for Build 33 or from TheIndieStone forums thread for IWBUMS Build 34

    Apr 3. 16
  • QWB03

    Is this going to get updated anytime soon?

    Feb 15. 15
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  • MGAua

    What to do if i haven`t got numpad? Asking because i have got the HP620 laptop that haven`t got numpad.

    Feb 18. 17
  • DragonUnitedtm

    yeah we need to update this

    Mar 29. 16
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