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Dry Towels

This mod allows you to finally use those wet towels and dish cloths after drying yourself. Dry it out, or wring it into a container and heat it to purify it, unless you don't mind getting a bit sick.


Sometimes you just wished your bags can be opened without equipping them to save time. Now with this mod all bags in your inventory can be accessed easily.

Electric Lights

This adds a new Lamp on a Pole, aswell as add functionality to the old one to work on the power grid and generators. Seeing it wasn't done yet, and I felt it was something I really wanted I got myself a look into the code and scrounged up something.

Extra Traits Mod

Adds several new custom traits to choose from at character selection! *Based on Kjulo's amazing work Kjulo's Additions!*


More recipes for making food with Flour.

Foods and Spices Mod

Adds more food!!


Ever wanted to spawn at the mall? no? what about spawning at the mall with the mall entrances keys and with no zombies inside? This mod will allow you to spawn at a few famous locations like Sunstar Hotel, Large Warehouse, Food Store etc.

Guy's Mod

Now with lockpicking, smokes, and obligatory dry towels!


With this mod you will have 50% chance to survive the Zombie virus. If you don't die the first time you get infected, you will be immune to Zombification.


Insomnia is a gameplay mod where you can't sleep and start with some extra gear. Zombies are blind during the day, but at night they actively start hunting you down from a distance. Plan the night well.