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Corpse Mod

This mod will allow you to clean your safehouse and remove corpses. Various new ways of getting infected are also added.

Craft Helper Mod

Get bored of pausing game to see if an item is a component of a recipe on your favorite pz wiki site ? This mod is for you.

NOTE : This mod shows all PZ recipes even if you have installed mods that add new recipes

Craft Helper Mod 1.1.2 -B23 FIX

Quick fix for Craft Help Mod tested and working on Build 23

Craftable Sandbags

This mod allows you to craft three sandbags out of one sheet or one sandbag out of a pillow with some thread or twine using a needle.


Simply put, this mod gives you the ability to use zombie corpses as fuel for your campfire.

Dehydrated Food Mod

Produce running out or getting rotten? No longer an issue with Fresh Prince of Karate Kid's Dehydrated Food Mod!

dida55's Multihack

Warp mod, speedhack, xphack, godmode, creative mode and a lot more!

DistributionXposed v33.13

Gives the ability to see item distribution code inside all container in game world. Help modders to see exactly where item will spawn and also provides a location based files to make it easy for modders to distribute their created item.

Dried Fruits by Bassair

Tired of all those fruits spoiling? How about those veggies? Grab a drying rack and preserve them for years to come! Or until you die.

Drip irrigation

A new item, the garden hose, to connect to your barrels and to water and fertilize your plants for you. You can pour water and fertilizer into your barrels. Barrels now work everywhere on map from loading.