Cleaning dishes reloaded by chthonic
  • by chthonic
  • 7. Dec 2013
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Cleaning dishes reloaded 1.03





Allows the player to clean dishes and bottles of mayonnaise and remoulade.

How is it different from the original mod by kinyoshi?

You don't need soap and towel for cleaning anymore. Why? Because it simplifies the process and the mod is more likely to be added to vanilla this way. You can now also clean mayonnaise/remoulade bottles and salad bowls. 


Unpack the archive into your /mods folder, then enable this mod in-game. Leaving and re-entering the game is needed to activate the mod.

Also check out my other mod: Soup Gourmet



1.01 Added "clean pot of simple soup"
1.02 Added support for my "Soup Gourmet" mod
1.03 Added "clean bean bowl"


  • bashprompt

    Upload a zip file. All OS' can handle zips by default. All OS' require third party software to handle rar files. Rar files also offer little to no compression, whereas current LMZA2 ZIP formats allow the highest compression on the market today.

    Dec 22. 13
  • galbar

    Yop ! Hi Chtonic !

    I don't understand when you said more simple, soap is minimun no ? If not there is bleach ! ;)
    Soap for classic or bleach for BIG Germs is natural and the new object soap is natural to find in kitchen or bathroom.

    Soap include possibilities to craft explosiv maybe one day...(who said there is an idea here ?!!)

    More the original mod include dishes possibilty for remoulade and others stuff that's so class
    and I look in the only file contained in the media file CleanDishesModRecipes.txt I saw the possibilties too.

    I saw in other case you have include SoupOverhaul

    Try to work with Kinyoshi to do together your well done ;)

    Jan 17. 14
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