Building Mod by Badtrix
  • by Badtrix
  • 18. Apr 2014
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Building Mod 0.2.2


Version: 0.2.2


Check out my thread for detailed informations about this mod:


New standalone version! Recycling/RMUtilities mods no more needed!


@other modders: if someone could explain me how to implement own .txt files in the Translate folder, further versions would not require to replace a file. However, I've read somewhere that there will be a feature added soon which allows modders to use own translation files. As soon as it will be possible, i will update the mod.



1) Read the ReadMe.txt :P

2) If still not clear, here are the same steps as in the ReadMe.txt again:

  1. Copy the folder "BuildingMod" into your user/Zomboid/mods folder
  2. Copy the folder "zombie" into your game root directory (if the directory you think is the root directory
    does not contain a folder named "zombie" already, then its not the root directory) and confirm folder/file replace.
    yes, this will replace an original game file. however, i only added a few lines of code, which became
    nessecary for the new preserve function to work correctly.
  3.   Activate the Mod in Game as you do activate every other mod.
  4. Build!


  • stayxstoned

    looks interessting but i cant seem to find any of the materials needed to craft anything new, checked the code and saw no spawns in there(could'a overlooked em tho. could you tell me where about the spawn so i an build a mansion in town:)

    Apr 28. 14
  • stayxstoned

    found it sry

    Apr 28. 14
  • zombiekill34

    your stupid mod made my zomboid not open

    Jan 2. 15
  • Carlton666

    So is this stuff in particular places? Like the clay and brick and stuff.

    Jan 16. 15
  • riotguard101

    Can you please update this to build 26 this looks badass

    Jun 1. 14
  • UNo

    Hi Badtrix,
    for my Mod (Mind Mod), I copied the approach from Robomats Lockpicking Mod. Just download either mod and have a look how it's done.
    In my mod, basically all translation values are stored as variables in the "MindMod_text" object defined in \MindMod\media\lua\client\MindMod\MindMod_text.lua, as part of different arrays (one for each language)
    You get the translation by directly calling the variables in the code, e.g. MindMod_text..

    May 2. 14
    • Badtrix

      great, thanks, will definetly have a look at that!

      May 2. 14
  • Badtrix

    i can reupload you v0.2 if you want. however, this mod was written only for b25 (soon b26) so i could not guarantee it works 100% fine with b23. guess it has something to do with the IsoThumpable.class file i added for 0.2.1 (which helps doing the preserve function). some light source, and maybe also power source will be added in further versions. having a lot of ideas to implement, but not enough time :P

    May 3. 14
  • stayxstoned

    0.2 worked on build 23, 0.2.2 doesnt.. well damn there goes my arsenal...

    May 3. 14
  • stayxstoned

    very nice so far, some lighting would be nice, the vanilla light is a bitch kinda, and not sure if you could do it, but making something like car batteries to power stuff after power is out, or make new items for the power source if messing with original is too much of a bitch, or hell i might mess around with it some myself, but very nice work so far.

    May 3. 14
  • stayxstoned

    well i enjoyed the mod and cant play with it now, v0.2 was working at about 99% with build 23. if you want to add it that would be cool, but if not thats fine, soon as im done on this save im getting the newer version so i wont be missing out for long either way, spend the time adding new features, we'll update our games at some point lol.

    May 4. 14
  • silkoraz

    outdated doesnt work.

    Oct 8. 15
  • ziomik

    Great!! Work in server multiplayer? Thank's!

    Sep 23. 15
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